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JTX 2018 to the top of Africa

This event has expired

JTX2018 (Josephat Torner Experience 2018) Break the Silence on Top of Africa”- as this title indicates, this project was to bring awareness in albinism to the top of the African Continent – the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro! One of JTFE’s core missions is to combat the root cause of the problem – the myth surrounding albinism. Our Kilimanjaro climb was meant to break the silence on secret community rituals that violates basic human rights. It is a chain of harmful rituals and beliefs that have silenced the locals. It is the superstition of which ethics has never been questioned. It is the poverty that allures people into crimes, and it is a crime resulting from ignorance. So many people with albinism in sub-Saharan African countries have lost their lives too soon with their Right to Life denied. Our climb was a challenge for every climber, and was for solidarity to raise awareness. There was a total of 24 challengers from 6 different countries including 6 people with albinism. This project has also attracted lots of national/international media attention and one of major East African TV Station (ITV) has made a one-hour documentary film about our climb which was broadcasted three times nation-wide in Tanzania. The next Kilimanjaro challenge (JTX2020) is to be held in August 2020. Please join us to speak out the Right to Life of people with albinism! (photos: Marleen Swaans fotografie)


24 climbers from all over the world reached the top of the Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain on the African continent, on the 27th of September 2018. At 5.895 mtr it’s even the highest free standing mountain in the world! We broke the silence on the top of Africa.