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  1. Marianne Auffret
    April 15, 2020

    Dear Josephat’s Family, Friends and Colleagues,
    I’m deeply sorry for your loss and saddened to hear about this tragic accident.
    I’m Marianne from France, this evening I came across randomly and watched a documentary from the Franco-German channel Arte, called “Tanzania : The stolen childhood of Albinos”. It’s how I heard about Josephat, his amazing work, cause, actions and bravery. I’ve been impressed by his personality, kindness and empathy and the Albinos, his country and the world lost a grand man.
    May his soul rest in peace, and his legacy continued.

  2. April 15, 2020

    My friend, my brother , my inspirator did not survive a teribble car accident. We are in shock,and still can’t believe this all is thuth. We gonna miss your smile, jokes en energy! We keep on fighting and break the silence.
    Loves your friend
    Pieter Staadegaard
    Chairman Josephat Torner Foundation Europe

  3. Rob de Groot
    April 15, 2020

    My sincere condolences for the passing of Josephat. Unbelievable. I wish his next of kin, beloved and friends, and the albinism world, lots of courage to cope with this loss. Nice to see you will continue all the good work and keep Josephat’s spirit alive.

  4. Michael
    April 15, 2020

    Dear Josephat. You have dedicated your life on fighting for the lives of others. It has been a privilege to walk with you on the slopes of mt Kilimanjaro on our journey to break the silence for people with albinism. We learned small steps can make a real difference. And although we will not walk together anymore, your courage, words and actions will inspire many others to continue the journey. Thank you! Rest in peace my friend.? Michael & Irene

  5. April 15, 2020

    Josephat, such a beautiful, inspirational and honest person. You fought for others to break the silence.
    My sincere condolences for your passing. Its an unbelievable unrealistic loss. I hope your familiy, friends and your foundation, keep up and grow stronger. You will be missed. It was a great honor for me to meet you and film you for the project for Usawa Coffee, in cooperation with the Josephat Torner Foundation.
    Rest in Peace

  6. Dennis
    April 15, 2020

    My condolance for everyone who was in contact with this inspirational legend
    I wish his liveswork continue , equality for all!

  7. April 15, 2020

    To all, condolences on the loss of Josephat. I’m glad I met you a few times last year and got to speak to you. I will never forget your wisdom, strength and words. Rest in peace dear Josephat, we will continue to support building the better world you dreamed of……
    Maikel Arts – Usawa coffee ♡

  8. April 15, 2020

    Jina langu ni Jerome Urio kutoka Kilimanjaro Tanzania Muongoza Watalii. I want use my mother language to define Josephat it will be 100% easy to talk about this Hero!
    Josephat umekufa tena angali bado siku na Massa machache kufikia birthday yako Leo
    Naiambia dunia kupitia hapa nilikufahamu rasmi na kuijua thamani yako katika ulimwengu huu ambao wote tunapita
    Tulianza kuwa karibu na kuanza kujua kuwa wewe ni Mwanajeshi tulipo kutana Mbugani hotel I!
    Ulinielezea jinsi ulivyopitia changamoto hasa katika kupata elimu yako na mazingira hatari uliyo ishi
    Ukaamua kujitoa kutetea walio na tatizo la ngozi yani watu walio na ualibino
    Umesimama Josephat umepiga vilivyo bora na umeacha alamaa duniani
    Umeacha pengo katika Josephat Former foundation Europe nani wakusimama nakuwatetea walio na ualbino sasa
    Mungu mlaze mpumzishe Josephat alikuwa rafiki wawatu na huruma yake kwa watu itaishi
    Familia make wake watoto wanabaki yatima kimwili ila kiroho Josephat anaishi
    Marafiki wa Netherlands Boss Peter ,Makimi na wako wengi tulip panda nao mlima Josephat umeacha pengo nakumbuka marafiki kutoka Malawi,Zimbabwe, Sweden, Uholanzi Tulifika roof of Africa kuweka awareness na huruma kwa watu walio na ualibino
    Umeondoka Josephat ila alama yako inaishi milelee
    Pumzika kwa amani Simba Josephat.

  9. Regine Relyveld
    April 15, 2020

    Dear family, friends and all others Josephat has touched with his kindness. I am so sorry for your loss. The world has lost a beautiful human being. One who taught us the lesson of kindness and forgiveness. There’s still so much work to do for all of us.

  10. Jerome urio
    April 15, 2020

    Josephat pumzika kwa Amani
    Wewe ulikuwa simba umetutoka angali bado ukiwa mdogo jamii yetu imekupoteza mwanajeshi
    Umepiga vita vilivyo vyema
    Umetetea umefundisha umeijenga Tanzania mpyaaa Africa mpyaaa kwa ujasiri wako
    Mungu kakuchukua bado ukiwa mdogo
    Ila umeacha alama duniani
    Josephat tornerf foundation imepata Pengo
    Kumbukumbu yangu kwako ulinieleza nisiyo yajua kuhusu uchawi tulipo pata muda pale mbugani hoteli kabla ya kwenda airport na kunitambulisha kwa marafiki wako kutoka Uholanzi,Malawi, Japan, Zimbabwe pia Sweden
    Niliogopa ulipo nielezea stories za uchawi na ulijitoa kwenda kwa waganga wa kienyeji kuwa ambia albino ni watu kama binadamu wengine
    Josephat ulipambana kama mwanajeshi na ushindi uliuapata
    Nina maumivu makali Leo ni siku yako ya kuzaliwa 15/04 ila haupo nasi umeacha pengo kwenye familia jamii nzima ,Afrika na duniani note!
    Pumzika Josephat wewe utabaki kuwa Alama katika haki za kutetea watu walio na tatizo LA ngozi yani ualbinio
    Pumzika kaka Josephat.

  11. Germaine Relyveld
    April 16, 2020

    Dear family and friends,
    The death of Josephat has been a great shock to me. josephat was an example and a source of inspiration for many. Not only people with Albinism, but also people without this condition could take an example from his perseverance and despite everything. a relaxed view of the world. Our trip to the Uhuru peak was an indescribably beautiful experience. I will never forget him. I wish you all a lot of strengt in these extremely difficult times.

  12. Dorette Jansen
    April 16, 2020

    To all who were connected to mr. Turner, in heart, spirit and strive. Although I have never met mr Turner, beautiful words, smiles and twinkles in the eyes of his friends told me that he was an extraordinary man who must and will be remembered. I wish you the very best in dealing with your loss. And later on, in continuing the good work mr Turner did.

  13. April 17, 2020

    I was shocked and saddened by the death of my friend Josephat. He was an advocate and activist to many. That is how we became Facebook friends. His works inspired me to write a book to spread awareness of his fight. I will miss his many posts and I’m more sorry I never got to meet this great individual face to face. He was a brave and dedicated soldier and warrior. He will be missed by so many, but I urge the PWA community to continue his fight because he opened doors to so much, so much that much of the world was blind to. Godspeed my friend!!

  14. Daria Schmidt
    April 17, 2020

    Dear family and friends of Josephat Torner, I am so sorry for your loss.
    I have never met you Mr Josephat, and the problem of albinism has never personally concerned me – but thank you very much for your wisdom and work for people. For all of us and for our world.

  15. Barbro Beckman
    April 18, 2020

    For ever in our heart. R.I.P. SFA Sweden

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