Stichting Josephat Torner Foundation Europe

Building Capacitiy

We have been encouraging people with albinism to become advocates of their own

One of JTFE core missions is building capacity of people with albinism and their families.  It is of great importance to empower children and people with albinism so that they will be able to stand up on their feet and become advocates of their own.  We offer scholarships and micro-financing for selected individuals.  One of our successful case is Mama Naomi (photo). She used to work as a skilled tailor but her husband had deserted her when she gave birth to Naomi, her 3rd child with albinism.  She could not make ends meet as she was renting a sewing machine and had to send her two older children with albinism to a far away shelter.

JTFE has provided Mama Naomi with a new sewing machine and a start-up capital to purchase garments.  The Simiyu Provincial Senator was her very first customer who ordered 5 dresses for his family members.   Her tailoring business will flourish as there is a big demand in the local market.  Her dream? – to be able to live with all her children at home.  We are sure she will be able to make her dream come true soon!