Stichting Josephat Torner Foundation Europe

Josephat Torner

Meet Josephat Torner. He is our inspiration to set up the Josephat Torner Foundation Europe.
He’s living with albinism in Tanzania. Trying to survive the sun. Trying to survive his unknown enemies. And most of all trying to change the world for people with albinism.
In Tanzania and many other African countries people with albinism are not safe. They are at risk being slaughtered. Just because some people think their bones can bring good luck, when they are used in medication prepared by witchdoctors. Many people with albinism have been killed or mutilated. Others, including many children, are living their lives in camps, behind big fences. Away from their families.
Since 2006 Josephat is working as a human rights activist for people with albinism. His main activity is awareness raising on albinism to de-mystify the deeply-rooted community taboo and educate the society.
Josephat Torner featured in the documentary film “In the shadow of the sun” (Film by Harry Freeland, UK, 2012).
In 2012 he was the first person with albinisme to climb the Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain of Africa.
Josephat Torner is well-known; he speaks all over the world about the problems people with albinism are facing in Africa.
His mission is to Break the silence. He wants to speak for all of those children with albinism who aren’t able to stand up for themselves. He wants to give a voice to the children who didn’t get a chance to live, because of the prejudices. He wants to establish a community where people with albinism don’t have to hide and where they can become a full member of society.

Josephat talks on a TED’s event in 2016