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Raising Awareness through Sports

Sports, like dance and music, are a very efficient way to communicate with the community and open up discussion about sensitive subjects.

Changing the culturally embedded mind-set is a long process that takes years to gain some tangible results. This is a powerful affirmative action to trigger the mind of the audience. For the stride against local superstitions, utilizing the existing local structures and resources such as sports, drama, and music is one of the most effective and efficient way to get a message across. These modes help opening up an atmosphere for changes to break the long-kept silence in the communities.

The impact of the collaboration with the Tanzania Football Federation held in 2018 was immense in gaining publicity and understanding of the public in general. Sports events, such as national football champion league can not only increase the visibility of children with albinism in public, but also offers an excellent opportunity in spreading positive images on them on a larger scale. The project conducted in April 2018 during the Simba and Yanga match in Dar es Salaam has sent shock waves to the viewers in whole Africa. They witnessed 22 children with albinism walking hand in hand with their national/international heroes proudly onto the pitch. Prominent football players in Tanzania earn great respect and appreciation from younger generation in the country. Presenting children with albinism with those well-respected heroes on the field has contributed greatly for the mainstreaming of those marginalized in the society.